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Online Satellite DEM Processing using DigitalGlobe GBDX

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  • 2 km by 2 km areas of 1 m Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • The online DEM processing is optimized for accurate surveying of areas of exposed bare ground. The most frequent use is for estimating volumes for earthworks engineering projects such as access roads, drill sites facilities sites
  • 1 m relative elevation accuracy - usually better than 50 cm
  • ~3 m global accuracy – post processing user adjustment in ArcGIS to ground survey points provides 50 cm global accuracy
  • Elevation grid is the tops of buildings and top of tree canopy
  • Buildings have rounded edges and corners
  • Some ArcGIS post processing may be required to flatten water bodies, featureless ground areas and ground areas that have changed between the different dates of the cross track stereo satellite photos.

2 km by 2 km SamplesRegistration Required

Mexico (DTM Ready and DSM)
Sample of an area in Mexico (DTM Ready and DSM)
Burkina Faso (DTM Ready)
Sample of an area in Burkina Faso (DTM Ready)
Texas (DTM Ready)
Sample of an area in Texas (DTM Ready)
Reno, Nevada (DSM)
Sample of an area in Reno, Nevada (DSM)